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Winter Is Coming
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It scares me that people think a baby can change Klaus or make any difference. Klaus has been with his siblings for 1000 years, has raised many people as his children who then died but because it has hald his genetic material it's different? Not in real life, and don't forget that sweet Hope will destroy earth, that is her parents aunt, uncle, any other sibling she may have and 7 billion people.

I find it funny that people seemed threaten by a child , no a baby . Hope does have something no other has , she’s has Klaus’s heart fully and completely . His siblings , nor Marcel , nor any woman has ever been able to do that .

He felt loyalty to his siblings purely because they shared DNA , but time and time again he was able to do horrendous things them if they ” disappointed ” him or ” betrayed ” him . He doesn’t fully trust them or anyone for that matter . So it’s easy for him to harm them .

Marcel is no different , he felt compassion for him and sympathize with his situation because he to knew what is was like to have a father that didn’t want him . So he felt protective over him because Klaus saw Marcel as a younger him . He might care for Marcel like he does his siblings , but he still would screw over him in a heartbeat if Marcel displeased .

Hope is different . Klaus is completely devoted to his child and would harm anyone who date hurt a hair on her hair . I so doubt he would hurt her . She’s the one thing in his life that he loves more than anything .
And if Hope is a force of nature that can totally destroy the world , which I doubt , her parents and family will find a way to help her .

Klaus isn’t worried about anything , but three things : Bringing his daughter home to a safe environment , regaining his power , and getting revenge on all his enemies .
Sorry if that is a bother to some .