I'm a 20yrs girl who ships couples that actually have chemistry . I believe the bad guys are bad and the good guys are good . I don't blind myself with rose colored glasses when it comes to my faves . I have no problem calling them out on their shit . I will basically will watch anything that holds my attention longer than a couple of episodes . I will post a variety of things and what I'm obsessing about at the moment . It will be whatever I like . Soon to be published writer , whenever I can actually finish the damn story .

Winter Is Coming
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The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s King by placing it under threat of capture which cannot be avoided.

#NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN PEOPLE GETTING CHESS METAPHORS RIGHT #the pawn; least powerful piece on the board— but with one wild move and if you get it to the end it can become the most powerful #the bishop; amazing range but can only move on it’s color— a piece that will surprise you #the knight; the irrational piece— hardest to predict #the rook; who guards the king— a long range piece #the king; the ultimate goal— but can’t do the work itself #the queen; the most powerful piece on the board— the only piece that doesn’t emulate it in some way is the knight
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I started this fan blog exactly one year ago! Thanks for following me! :) Here are some of my favorite pictures of the cast. It’s impossible to post one for everyone.. but if you have any favorite pictures of other cast members, or just in general pictures of the cast you love, feel free to send them to me, maybe I could do a little round-up..
I’m so happy that there will be a lot of Parenthood stuff to blog about in the near future. Speaking of which, I’ve added a count down clock for season 5 to the blog. Yay!